Experimental Developer Kit


Experimental Developer Kit


This is an extremely limited batch of toolkits. It is a sneak release for those of you who want to play around with AUTOMAT right now. Remember that this is not a release version. Power consumption, for example, is not fully optimised, and the software is still being updated. We will make firmware and software updates available to you up until the release in April.

Included in the EDT:
- Baseboard
- Powerboard
- Solderboard
- Battery
- The first version of the iPhone app (No If-then functionality)
- Visualisation of sensor data through graphs
- Visualisation of orientation data in 3D view
- Control of all settings on the baseboard
- Control of all digital and analog in- and outputs
- Connects to nodeRED automatically through our Automat Cloud service.
- One month free trial of our subscription-based Automat Cloud service
- Access to our entire Software Development Kit

Experimental developer toolkit only $149.

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