New ways to integrate with music apps.

The theremin: 2 pcb:s, one in each hand, by moving one of them in the z(?) axis you control pitch, and the other one by moving in the x(?) axis you control volume. You start at a default value and your current hand positions will be relative to it. Perhaps you rotate one of the pcb:s to activate it. IF rule(rotate45°) and rule(zAcceleration), THEN send MIDI note to app synthesiser...

Or improve your dancing:
connect the Base Board to your arms, legs, feet and record your performance, improve it by watching the 3D recording on the monitor

Automat includes MIDI and OSC interface possibilities, as well as iOS inter-app midi. The high precision accelerometer and gyro together with the low latency and allows for true playability. With the built in app you can easily control everything.



Integrate the Automat PCB in a drumstick and sell it together with your drum app. 

Gamify your house

Gamify your house. Using several automats you can "booby-trap" your house and play sounds when you trigger the action. Let your kids be burglars and try to steel the candy.

A magic wand

Add automat to your wand and make it magic for real. Create a game for it and start blasting your opponents away.

Love you
integrate the Base Board in a 3d-printed ring and let someone kiss it. The humidity and temperature change will send a love mail/sms/whats app to the intended...

How about a humidor alarm ?

 Make sure your cigars are stored in optimal conditions. Automats humidity and temperature sensors will log the information for you. You can also be notified if the humidor have been opened since your last cigar.

Create a remote controller for Spotify

Create a nice looking device, one that is actually nice to have on your table. Create a simple formula in the Automat app to control volume, start/stop and change track. You could also create your own app. Produce the controller and sell it. Just an idea.

Virtual table tennis

Table tennis.jpg

Create a virtual table tennis games. With Automat inside the racket, you can put spinn to the ball while playing with your online opponent. 


Motion tracking device

Use several Automats to create a motion tracking device for VR games

Mechanical experiments

Use Automat to measure accelerations during mechanical experiments

Add a new dimension to your music apps with physical controllers and unique instruments

Add a new dimension to your music apps with physical controllers and unique instruments