Automat is a great way to realize your interactive campaign ideas. The process from idea to finished result is greatly shortened. Mockup apps to show the client are created in minutes with the Automat app. 

Use Examples
Lets say that you want to promote a brand new vodka shot. Simply attach the Automat PCB to the bottle and create an app to get notifications of the temperature, how many shots you poured and more. That's almost good enough for a prelaunch campaign right there, don't you think?

It won't win you any medals in Cannes, but it's a start.

Ok, let's add some more stuff. Why don't we measure which town is having the best party? Clustering all the bottles at the same area, counting shots served in Stockholm, for example. During a limited period the cities can compete with each other.

Are we getting there?

No? Do you remember the old school game - Truth or Dare? What if we create a game of spin the bottle - where you actually spin the bottle to get various challenges and see the motion in the app. Would that build your brand and support a new launch campaign?

Well, you are the creative ones. Now go ahead and make some great stuff!