Let us present The Automat Challenge. We believe that you have loads of ideas on what you can create with Automat. We'd love to hear about them. Maybe we'll take it one step further and let your ideas come true, together? Who knows what becomes of it. No matter what, we will reward the best ideas. The challenge is permanent but without weekly or monthly winners. If we love your idea, you'll get awarded, simple as that.

This is how it works

  • Name, email, bla bla, you know the drill.
  • Describe your idea by using the form, remember to keep it as short as you can
  • Wait for it. If we love your idea, we will get in touch. Maybe just to get some more info, maybe to announce you as an Automater.

What do you win?

  • Fame
  • Automat Genius - Statute
  • Automat - Kit
Name *
We are > @neuelabsautomat
Ex: Clowns rulez teh world
The future of wearable technology is in your hands, literally. With the Automat hardware and software toolkit, anyone can craft innovative and truly personal apps and products.